Cumulative Reflection Essay

Cumulative Reflection Essay

Global issues have been a critical problem across the globe. Global issues are the issues that negatively impact the global environment and community at large. In general, global issues have no specified range. The severity of the global problems is what is used to categorize them. The minor global problems are those that affect every person in the current society.

On the other hand, we have the global catastrophic perils that not only affect the people in the society but also threaten the existence of humankind entirely from one generation to another.  Global issues are worthy of attention by everyone. During the class, it was a big pleasure to have the global problems discussed. Some of the critical global problems discussed in the course include water scarcity, terrorism, poverty and environmental issues.   These issues are evidenced in every continent, and failure to handle them well their resultant effect will adversely affect human beings.

The Global Issues that are Most Difficult to Solve

Based on the adverse effects of a global issue, it is justified to argue that all global problem ought to be solved. However, some problems are too difficult to handle several reasons. From the discussion, I consider poverty to be one of the difficult issues to solve. For instance, many areas that have been stricken by poverty also experience high illiteracy level. In this case, it is difficult for a country to solve poverty problems without proper education. Lack of education and subsequent failure to generate enough food makes a country dependant on the other countries. Relying on another state cannot necessarily solve poverty in a country. Therefore, poverty is one of those global issues that cannot be resolved with ease.

Terrorism is another issue global issue which is difficult to solve due to various reasons. For instance, terrorists are not similar in all parts of the globe. In this case, it is difficult to generalize the image of terrorists. In most case, when the word terrorism is mentioned, many people think of al Shabaab or the Islamic State. However, some so many terrorists are not in these groups. As a result, it is difficult to target terrorists since they have no similar identity.

Which Global Issues are Important to the Well-Being and Survival of Human Civilization?

Though all the global issues affect human beings, there are those that are so important for human survival. Environmental aspects for instance is essential for the survival of humankind. All forms of environmental problems such as pollution, deforestation and uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources adversely affect the existence of human beings. Since they all have a direct impact on the lives of people, they should be solved in advance for survival. Pollution and deforestation, for example, can create an environment which is hostile for a living. Pollution can lead to dangerous and killer diseases such as cancer.

During the course, the discussion of the global issues and the possible means to solve each of them, I found education is an interesting aspect that can solve global issues. However, it should be noted that, though education can solve global issues, it takes years for its effect to be seen. For instance, high-quality education acquired will make the future generation realize the problem that is being faced and the possible means to prevent the same from happening again. In general, education improves people’s understanding of the world and promotes rational thinking when approaching global issues. Also from the discussion of the course, it is clear that global issues must be solved globally with all the continents taking part. If one continent attempts to solve a global problem alone, the process will be in vain as they will also be affected by what is experienced in other continents.