Jan Perry,

General Manager,

LOS ANGELES Economic & Workforce Development Department,

1200 West 7th Street,
Los Angeles CA 90017.

Dear Madam,


My name is ……………… and I am a productive member of the Central Los Angeles community. I do a lot of work with different communities as well as identify community problems and try to solve them.  I also partner with organizations such as your organization to keep the youths away from violence. Thank you for the good work that your organization has been doing in supporting and empowering our youths.  The global problem of terrorism is at our door steps. There are those youths who are travelling to other countries to join terrorist groups. The major reason why they are doing this is that we have failed them by not supporting them as a community (Bizina and David, 2014). The local gangs that exist here in Los Angeles are due to lack of jobs.

The rise of the internet led to increased terrorism. Technology is the major reason why terrorism had expanded to our countries. The young people are recruited over the internet on websites and social media. We as a community have no power to control what our children view on the internet nor can we control the children themselves. The constitution gives everybody the right to information. Our teenagers are hard to control and all we can do is too keep them busy with the hope that they will stay away from violence.

The war on terrorism that is undergoing globally has been identified with the realistic tradition. Realism is defined by the expression of power. In realism, power occupies the central place in influencing other countries. Various instruments of power used include military, information, diplomacy and economic development. While countries play the game of power, our young people suffer (Schwarzer, 2014). So many resources are used to protect our country from terrorists some of whom we created with the games of power. Terrorists try to make our country powerless by misusing our own people and making them attack us themselves.

The solution to protecting our community is by empowering the youth. Your organization is mandated to provide youth programs to ensure that are well developed to be productive. However, there are those who have lost hope and see no need of joining such an organization such as EWDD. Your organization has the resources and needs to worry more about those who have no hopes. Such people will be corrupted easily. My appeal is that your organization partner with other local leaders to be able to identify the most affected youths and get them in to the program. There are those who are uneducated. Adulthood education programs should be initiated at the local levels to help these people.

The prison system should ensure that the underage children in lockup have access to quality education. In addition, there are many nonprofit organizations running programs in the neighborhood to empower the youth. Partnering with such organization would go a long way in making these programs successful. Instead of running similar programs, these organizations can bring their resources together and run a major successful program.


Bizina, Margarita, and David H. Gray. “Radicalization of Youth as a Growing Concern for Counter-Terrorism Policy.” Global Security Studies 5, no. 1 (2014): 72-79.

Schwarzer, Ralf. Self-efficacy: Thought control of action. Taylor & Francis, 2014.


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