Current Refugee Crisis

Currently, the world is experiencing a significant refugee crisis of a high magnitude not seen since the First World War ended. According to the data released by the High Commissioner for refugees, there were 65.3 million refugees and internally displaced people by the end of 2015. This is the highest figure in history. The primary aim of this paper is to discuss the impact of refugees in a country.

Generally, refugees will impact a country in different ways. The first way is through economic growth. The cost incurred by a state to host refugees is front-loaded while the benefits are considerable but only accrue over some time. Refugees help to boast a countries economy when it comes to labor. During the industrial revolution, most industries were supplied labor services by the refugees. For example, in America, an immigrant is more likely to open a shop, and it succeeded more than a native person. Therefore, given a chance the refuges can contribute positively to the growth of the economy. Another effect of refugees in a country is the education sector. Just like other people refuges also have a right to education, but in most cases, they affect the education system because most of them cannot speak good English that is used in school.

However, of the most detrimental effect of refugees is the issue of insecurity. Most of the people involved in terrorist activities mostly in Europe are not the native people but immigrants who have settled in different countries. For example, in America which has been a target by terrorist has confirmed that the issues of refugees have contributed a lot to insecurity. Therefore, it’s good to come up with strong policies to make sure the point of refugees is addressed.

Book review

Romeo and Juliet have been described as the greatest love story in history and still the most tragic. It is a sad story of two you young lovers written by William Shakespeare. Eventually, their death united the two feuding families. In the book, the author deployed many dramatic techniques that have been welcomed and garnered a lot of praise from different critics. Most notably is the ability to shift from a comedy to a tragedy. Romeo meets Juliet, but in his mind, Juliet father has an idea of the young man who should marry her daughter. Out of frustrations, the young lovers plan to get married secretly with the help of Friar Laurence. However, things turn out nasty as the two young lovers kill themselves. Romeo and Juliet are one of the most popular books by Shakespeare. Even today, Romeo and Juliet are still regarded as archetypal lovers.


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