Customized E-book Sales Page

Customized E-book Sales Page


One of the modern norms in publishing and education is E-books whereby innovative people including companies have increasingly started creating interactive web content in the effort of producing a top-notch product that has rich information for the readers. This essay aims at providing a website content in which a sales page where an individual can give customized e-book writing service will be provided.

Sales Page for Customized E-Book Writing Service

Making First Order

When requesting for our services, we always recommend that you provide us with a research topic that you would want us to help you write about. This helps us to identify the scope of your e-book thus preventing us from deviating from your initial focus. In case you do not have a research topic, we are ever here to help you with that, and all you need is to give us a rough idea about what you would like to address. After analyzing your suggestion, our research team embarks on identifying those topics that best fit your specification and whose hook will develop the reader’s interest. After agreeing on the most suitable topic, we then start writing the first chapter for you (Larson, 2012).

Customer’s Approval of the First Chapter

To ensure that we are within the scope of the book, we always write the first chapter for you and send it as a draft before proceeding to the next one. This gives you the opportunity to go through it and identify whether the language and tone used are what you are expecting from us, or there is a need for further improvement (Larson, 2012).

Providing Us with Feedback and Revision Requests

Based on the feedback that you provide us with regarding the draft sent to you by our quality assurance department, we decide on whether to proceed to the next chapter or not. We only continue to the next chapter after you have approved the previous one sent to you as a draft. This process is repeated until the last chapter of your e-book is completed. By submitting a draft of each chapter, we always give you the chance to order for as many revisions as possible for the sent draft until you feel that your expectations have been fully met (Larson, 2012).

Editing and Proofreading

We have a well-trained and experienced editorial team that helps us in editing and proofreading the completed chapters since quality is our drive and is paramount to us at all times(Polding, Baptista Nunes & Kingston, 2008).

Designing and Customizing the E-book

To help you capture the attention of your target audience, we always design the cover page in such a way that it has images and title that is eye-catching even to those individuals who have low interest in reading. Once we have managed to create an attractive cover page, we then use various layouts to format the content depending on the target audience involved since some layouts are formal while others are non-formal. The two common layouts that we always recommend are fixed and reflowable layouts but we always give you the opportunity to decide anyr other type of layout that you may be considering good for your e-book (Wills, Leigh & Ip, 2011).

The opportunity of the Customer to Review the Final Draft before Publishing

Before you get to print and publish your e-book, we allow you to preview the last draft of the entire e-book. This is aimed at giving you the chance to request for any desired changes before the final copy is made(Polding, Baptista Nunes & Kingston, 2008).

Defining the Platform

Given the fact that your e-book is focusing on a particular audience, we still provide various ways in which you can easily reach out to them through the help of the appropriate devices. Some of the examples of platforms or devices that we suggest to you for consideration in the effort of further customizing your e-book include mobile Apps, WebApps and desktop Apps among many others thus enabling you to reach out to most of your target audience(Cheng, Huang & Lin, 2012).

Reader Interface Branding

Depending on the publishing method that you choose for your e-book, we are always here to help you make a theme and brand your choice of platform to fit your target audience considering that some reader’s interfaces are unchangeable (Polding, Baptista Nunes & Kingston, 2008).


We are always concerned about the safety of your work, and we always help you in protecting your e-book through securing for you the copyright(Larson, 2012).


On request, we also offer distribution services of the copyrighted e-book through the use of a team of aggregators who are trained to help you distribute your e-book to the existing international online retailers. We always give you the option of paying a fixed price or a commission out of the total sales that you make through the help of our team for this particular service (Cheng, Huang & Lin, 2012).

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