CXU_WK7_JOUR- Journal Entry

Sourcing Participants

The best way of finding participants who fit the criteria for inclusion in the sample is through first conducting online and offline research to identify Latina/o immigrants who have encountered racial nativists or who live in areas where racial nativist groups and individuals. Such people have experiences regarding protection from such groups and are likely to provide rich data for the study. After identifying such people online and offline, I will seek out ways to contacting them when the time for recruitment of participants arrives. The individuals recruited through the discussed process will likely be rich sources of information.

Gaining Permission

Before distributing the announcement for the study to the identified potential participants, I will need to get permission from the instructor and the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The instructor will offer feedback regarding whether to proceed with the study as it will be or to make some necessary changes. The IRB ensures that Walden University research complies with government regulations and university standards regarding research ethics. Recruitment cannot begin before the IRB’s approval as the board can decide not to allow the study to proceed if there are ethical concerns.

After gaining needed the approval to proceed with the study, I will contact all identified potential participants and inform them about the research. I will probe to determine whether the participants are a rich source of information or not. If the participants are a rich source of information, I will request them to take part in the study. If I have difficulty gaining enough participants through my initial online and offline research, I will request recruited participants to recommend individuals whom they think have experience in the phenomenon of interest. I will contact the recommended individuals and convince them to be part of the research.

Interview Role-Playing

I plan to request my friends and family members to role-play the task of interviewees as I play the task of the interviewer. Role-playing will help me improve my interviewing skills. For example, I will test my ability to extract detailed and rich information from interviewees and determine which areas need to be improved. One idea that will help gain rich and detailed information from friends and relatives is to inform them that role-playing is of critical importance to my education and future career. Convincing them of the seriousness of the role-playing effort will get them to be more cooperative and provide rich and detailed information. A second idea will be to ask relevant follow-up questions to friends and relatives. Follow-up questions will help gain more in-depth and rich information.