CXU_WK7_WKSP- Proposed Interview Procedures

CXU_WK7_WKSP- Proposed Interview Procedures

Proposed Interview Procedures

The people that I plan to interview are adult Latina/o immigrants living in the United States and who are exposed to racial nativists. The participants have to be experienced regarding the protection that is offered to immigrants by the government and members of the society. The people who meet the set criteria will contribute valuable data to the study. The format that I have decided to use in conducting the interview is the phone format. Participants who are likely to have valuable information are distributed all over the country. The wide distribution renders it difficult to conduct in-person interviews. Phone interviews will be convenient for the participants and me as the researcher. Phone interviews are also cheap as I will not have to travel. I will probe the interviewees during phone conversations.

One procedure that I will follow is the participant recruitment procedure. The first step in the procedure will be to conduct online and offline research to discover Latina/o immigrants who have encountered racial nativists. The second step will be to contact the individuals and inform them about the study. The third step will be to convince them to be part of the study. If the person agrees to take part in the study, the final step will involve the scheduling of the interview. The recruitment procedure will help attract rich sources of data.

The second procedure that will help guide the study is the interviewing procedure. The first step that I will be taking when conducting the interview is to ensure necessary items like a notebook, pen, interview guide, and phone interview recorder (Fowler Jr, 2013). The second step will be to call the interviewee on the agreed date and time (Fowler Jr, 2013). The third step will be to conduct the interview as per the plan. Finally, I will close the interview when it is complete. The interviewing procedure will help ensure that the process runs smoothly and excellent quality data is recorded (Fowler Jr, 2013).



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