Cyber Security Issue in the United States

The current national security issue being debated in the United States is about cybersecurity. According to the U.S. intelligence officials, Russia played a critical role in the cyber campaign targeting the 2016 election (McFaul and Amy 1). Besides, the Obama administration claims that Russia attempted to interfere with the elections by hacking political organizations and computers of the Democratic National Committee (Lipton, David and Scott 1). Cybersecurity is a critical problem that the new government should consider.

The two solutions to the cybersecurity issue include the following. First, the U.S. government should develop and implement a cyber counterintelligence plan. The plan is critical in coordinating activities to identity, prevent and alleviate the foreign-sponsored cyber intelligence threats (Newlands 1). Second, the government can address this issue by increasing the security of classified networks. Classified networks contain the most sensitive information of the federal government. The government needs to ensure the integrity of these networks and the data (Lipton, David and Scott 1). Therefore, the president and Congress should speed up the pace at which the federal sector updates technology since its advancement is outpacing security.

The preferable solution is developing and implementing the government-wide cyber counterintelligence plan. The government can accomplish this goal by increasing employee awareness about the cyber counterintelligence threats, initiate cyber counterintelligence education and awareness program (McFaul and Amy 1). Moreover, it will be significant if the federal government increases counterintelligence collaboration across the state and local levels. The federal government can unleash state-of-the-art innovations that would help to combat cyber-attacks. The role of states is to examine and adopt policies and standards enacted by the federal government and respectful organizations such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Newlands 1). Regarding the local government, its role is to develop a local task force that would make my community more cyber secure.


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