Cybersecurity has become a global problem and no institution or agency no matter small or big is spared. Furthermore, cyber threats have the potential of destroying a business venture or agency especially in this era of information communication technology (ICT). The US has been in the frontline to create solutions to emerging cybersecurity threats. One of the essential strategies of dealing with cybersecurity threat is establishing a robust cyber-security policy which stipulates on how ICT tools and related. Therefore to ascertain whether the strength of a company’s cybersecurity there are significant questions asked.  Again cybersecurity should cascade from ICT experts language to board management of a company for effective and efficient security policy.

The following are some of the critical questions that cybersecurity analysts can ask a company to know the level of their security policy.

  1. How do you inform the public, clients, customers of cybersecurity incident at your company?

This particular question is meant to explore communication and public relations strategy.Furthermore, the company should ensure that confidence and trust are instilled in the stakeholders. Again the company should avoid technical jargons, and the information should be consistent. A company with a robust cybersecurity policy should prepare on how to inform the public of incidents and also maintain preparedness and vigilance in the system.

  1. How and when do you engage law enforcers after a security incident?

The question is meant to understand whether a company collaborates with law enforcement agencies which also helps to investigate incidents. A company that does not work together with law enforcement agencies may not get critical cybersecurity updates. For example, the  FBI and US secret service conduct effective enforcement.

  1. Do you share incident information with other companies? If so, how frequent and how?

The question explores whether a company forms a synergy with other companies against cybersecurity. One company share information on vulnerabilities and threats they enhance response and recovery efforts.

  1. Do your company have cybersecurity insurance? If so, what does it include?

The question establishes how the company is prepared to deal with incidents and business continuity. Policy insurance may be broad or narrow to include costs and liability of breach that causes business interruptions. If a company does not have comprehensive cover, it risks losing its business in case of an incident.

  1. Do you conduct “cyber hygiene”?

Knowing the cyber hygiene issue helps to understand possible sources of threats and weaknesses in a company. For example, the devices attached to a company network, administrative restrictions required to make changes in a system, conducting frequent automated vulnerability check, etc., all this ensures the system is clean to detect threats.

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