Database Essay Questions

23(CO 1) What role do databases play in today’s business world and why are they important? Provide two specific examples of how a business might use a database.

The business world today is overwhelmed with data for various inventories. In this way, mostbusinesses have acquired database that enables them to manage the large sets of data.Consequently, information can be stored, updated, and retrieved easily thus saving on time. For example, a customer relationship database enables a business to keep track and record of transactions for a particular customer such as the number of purchases made over a given period or the date of the last order and its amount. Similarly, the payroll database enable the business to keep track of employee information such as vacation time, salary, the hours of work, and contribution towards retirement. The information simplifies the task of the human resource manager and avoids confusion.

24(CO 2) Explain the terms entity, relationship, and attributes. Describe how they are used in a database.

An entity is a real existing as customer ID. An attribute is a characteristic that describes a particular tangible or real object. For example, a red car with tinted windows; red and tinted windows are the attributes. A relationship is an association between two or more real objects. For example, two school going people A and B are both students. A, and student B are entities, and their relationship is students. In the database, an entity is contained in a table that has specific data such as customer ID, and the attributes are the terms and phrases that describe the data-table such as the name, age, and gender of the customer. Relationships in the database are the cohesive forces, which connect entity tables with related information. Relationships depend on the primary key of a given table.

25 (CO 4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the denormalization process?

Normalization involves proper organization of data into the simplified form using relations and attributes to avoid repetition. One of the advantages of normalization is that it eliminates data duplication. Besides,the simplification of data into small sizes improves the efficiency of the system. However, the simplification process during data normalization leads to the creation of more tables, which are tedious to join. Besides, the coding process for repeated data creates the need to always refer to the primary data table, which may be tiring.

26)(CO 4) What is a relational database management system, and how does it relate to a database administrator?

A program that enables an individual to access and change information on the relational database is known as a relational database management system (RDBMS).  The database administrator (DBA) relates to the RDBMS in such a way that he/she is solely responsible for accessing, maintaining, altering, updating, and securing data in the RDBMS.


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