Database with Tables

Part 1 – Type of Maintenance Required By These Databases

A bookstore database requires maintenance such as log file maintenance which keeps track of every transaction in the bookstore database such as the books returned and those that are not returned. Log files help in ensuring that that database can be restored to a time before that. Therefore, it is essential for references. Another maintenance activity required in a bookstore database would be file compaction. As people continue using the bookstore, the data keeps growing. Therefore, there is need to compact files to create space for new data without deleting the old data.

Part 2 – Serious Problems Can Occur If Databases Are Not Maintained

I agree with this statement because various problems could occur if a database is not maintained such as data inconsistency and data repetition. Data inconsistency means that the information in the database may not true and, therefore, cannot be trusted. For instance, in a bookstore, the data about returned books could be wrong such that a book may be shown that it is the bookstore, but it has been loaned to someone (Hoffer 131). Data repetition means that data is duplicated which wastes space of the database.

Problems That Could Occur If Chosen Database Is Not Well-Maintained

One of the issues that occur due to poor maintenance of a database is a loss of integrity of the information in the database. In a database that maintains financial data of sales in a bookstore, there is a risk of errors of sales and profits thus creating conflicts between employees or the employees and the manager. Therefore, it is essential to have regular maintenance activities for a database to maintain its integrity (Horninger et al. 64). Although it may incur a cost on the business, it is nothing compared to the adverse effects of incorrect data.


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