David Hockney

At an early stage of David Hockney, he was much interested in the artistic work. David also loved books, admiring Matisse, Fragonard and Picasso. His parents noticed their son’s interest and encouraged him to explore more. As he was growing older the more interested, he had for the art. As a student, he performed well with his painting winning various awards and also being purchased by a top private collection. Hockney was able to sharpen his skills as the years went by, he became the most influential British artist of the 20th century in the year 2011.

Hockey grew up in Bradford, England as well as in Los Angeles. He attended Art College in Bradford for three years from 1957 before moving to London. He was inspired by the movies he watched together with his father during his childhood. After fulfilling the national service requirement at the hospital, he moved to London to study Art at the Royal College of Art in 1959. He experimented different forms such as intellectual expressionism and painting. He performed well in Art with his painting being unique and extraordinary. Hackney’s paintings amalgamated use of his poems, his literary leanings, and quotations from Walt Whitman in his work. David loved the swimming pools of Los Angeles after moving in officially in 1966, and he painted various swimming pool in Los Angeles. His work was known mainly due to his iconic splash on his work. In the 1970s he was considered a realistic artist after evolving in his expressionistic style.

In 1970, Hockney was known for his magical painting. He painted both the exterior and interior of the homes in California. A lot of people liked his painting. While he was working as a painter, he used to take various photographs for his reference which he would later use in his painting. Then in the mid-1970s, Hockney abandoned painting favouring other project involving lithographs, photography and costume design for both theatre and opera. David returned to painting in the 1980s. The picture of David drastically changed as he in- co-operated the latest technology in his painting works. He used laser printers and the fax machine to print his actions. The paintings included flowers, portraits of the loved ones and the seascapes.

Hockney used his iPhone Brushes to paint many portraits and landscapes from the year 2009. His iPad app was also used to design the stained glass window; for instance, he used his app to develop Westminster Abbey glass window. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the glass window in 2018. Hockney produced multi-camera movies by the use of his eighteen cameras to record one scene from the year 2010 to 2014. He filmed various stages and projects such as the landscape of Yorkshire jugglers, dancers and the exhibition held at De young museum and the Royal Academy of Art. Hockneys combined more and more photographs creating multi-viewpoint of his relatives and friends. In 2017, Hockney used advanced technology such as photogrammetric and Agisoft photoscan software which allowed him to rearrange as well as stitch together many photos. The software enables the images to repositioned to be printed out as massive photomurals.

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