Dealing with Teenagers

Teenagers are an exceptional and habitually most inconsistent breed.  They struggle for individuality as a group yet they desire peer approval. They act like they know everything; however, they lack a lot of skill. They feel invulnerable but are often lack confidence. Some teenagers seek to test and challenge authority while a few may be self-destructive. This paper aims to delve into ways in dealing with teenage girls’ high emotions and lack to listen appropriately.

Showing responsibilities is crucial in dealing with teenage girls with emotions and those who do not listen.  Teaching a teenage girl responsibility helps them to gain independence, self-worth, security and functional skills for their future. For instance, if they break something, they have to pay to fix it, and if they want something, they should earn it. Giving them chores is also essential as they are part of their lives and have no rewards. Teenage girls who are of eighteen years and above can also contribute to house, rent or food with whichever amount. This should, however, be done reasonably to teach responsibility and also to support their lives and they will start to listen.

Leading by example is crucial in dealing with teenage girls. It pertains doing things that we want our teenage girls to see. Sometimes we tell our teenagers not to do things that we do. That is wrong.  For example, we cannot be smoking and yet we do not want our teenagers not to smoke. If we lie and do not want our children to lie, we have to stop. Leading teenage girls by example shows them respect for both yourself and them.

In conclusion, this paper has shown with details about how parents can deal with teenage girls with high emotions and do not listen. This paper has demonstrated that the two ways that parents can deal with such teenagers are to show responsibilities and to lead by example.