Debate American Revolution

Debate American Revolution

Dear James Chambers, I agree with your response with regards to action taken against the Crown. Brothers and sisters of America, we need to stand against the Crown and Free Mason Society.  I remain a loyalist to this great nation, America. Our forefathers came here to achieve the freedom that they were denied in England.  Therefore, I want to urge my fellow colonist not to give into the acts of the rebellious crowds. Notably, the monarch is a good system the will work effectively.  King George III has established an effective parliament will work with the citizens, thus; I see no cause to rebel.  With a king and parliament, our rights will be protected, and resources will be provided to us through these colonies.Without our ruler, our lands will be ruled by tyrants leading to anarchy.

As a businessman, the tea in the harbor will only increase the cost of tea products to cover for those that were destroyed. Accordingly, do not damage the affordable tea on the market as it will affect our capability to import. We need to join hands and attain our true freedom from the tyrannies.  Others claim that we are not a revolution just a simple rebellion and that actions against the crown will only anger the “king.” I ask, do these rebels provide more for the Crown to gain?  When has a despot had the interests of the common man in mind? Don’t they always want to take more from us?  We lost very many people in the Boston Massacre. The Tea issue is a small price to pay.  Some think that the harbor was extreme, but I beg to differ.  This revolution will have casualties.  We will only enjoy freedom after we are free from the Crown. Let us fight for the great American Nation.


Allison, S. (2001). Headlines From History: The Boston Massacre Five Colonists Killed By British Soldiers. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc.,

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