Debenhams is a multinational brand based in the UK. It offers different services ranging from gifting, restaurants, and cafés. Besides, it is also identified as one of the major shops that sell furniture and household .goods. Therefore, the company offers customers with different forms of products while focusing on innovation and exploration of new business opportunities across the world. Its mission is to create a chance, for its clients to conduct shopping thus boosting confidence and fun. Its legacy has attracted more customers thus providing an opportunity for more expansion of the market segment. However, it is still faced with a challenge of competition and exploring new markets.

The SWOT analysis is essential for conducting situational a study.  It also provides an opportunity for the managers to analyze the strengths of weakness opportunities and threats facing the company. Critically reviewing the SWOT analysis enables the company to be in a better position in developing new strategies aimed at boosting the company. Debenhams holds one of the prominent positions in the market. Over the past 200 years, the company has grown a stable legacy brand and improved the standards of its products to meet the changing needs of its customers. It has also focused on retail services thus providing differentiated products in both local and international level. After gaining dynamic experience in the market, the company has built a reputation among its clients. Other strengths include financial performance since it is one of the most stable companies in London. Also, the company has a steady progression in the market which is supported through partnership and online presence.

The company has limited advertisement strategies thus limiting the accessibility of its products. It is faced with dynamic challenges in developing reliable sale points in in-store sales. It was recently faced with market issues. For example, the weak UK market is affecting the business. Thus, it also provides an opportunity for more losses especially that London is the core market for the entire enterprise.

The company has many opportunities across the globe. For example, it can grow its market segments through a prospective partnership with the aim of also increasing the market share across the world. The future restructuring policies provide an opportunity for the company to rate reliable means of developing efficient systems that improve sales and boosts its productivity. Its products are well known for good quality thus have an opportunity of opening new stores across the borders

The growing competition is one of the threats facing the company. It influences the rate at which its products sell in the market.

On the other hand, the increasing cost of the products may provide more opportunity for more competitive or lower prices from its major components. The high process often leads to the loss of clients. Similarly, the company is most likely to face significant losses of clients.  Its online presence and website sales have been recently increasing across the world. However, this step is threatened by the increasing rates of cybercrime on sales. The threat not only affects the customers but risks significant losses to the company’s financial details. The company has not promoted is products in major world markets such as China, Asia, and Middle East markets. It affects the reputation of the company thus reducing the trust between the company and the customers.

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