Debt collection

As the practice, manager I am charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all the operations of the organization are running smoothly.Since the collection specialist is making her collection calls to the patients with outstanding balances in between patient check-in where the patients in the waiting room can hear her conversations, I have to make access the situation and can up ways of handling the case.

The Fair Debt Collection Act of 1977, which is a federal law that governs debts collection practices is known to prohibit an organization from using unfair or abusive means to collect debts from their debtors.The act ensures that the debt collectors do not call people where a third paper can hear their conversations.Making the calls where the patients at the waiting bay can listen to the dialogue is abusive to the patients.The first thing I will do is to ask the collection specialist to make her calls somewhere else where the other patients won’t be able to hear her conversations.The Act further gives people the right to control communication with the debt collectors.They are not allowed to call people at an inconvenient time or places.I will ensure that the collection specialist communicates with the patients to know the right time to call them.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, gives individuals the right to file a lawsuit against debt collectors, telemarketers.The collection specialist can organize to meet those patients to know when they can pay their debts. The HIPAA laws, on the other hand, created national standards that protect the medical records and additional personal information of individuals. What the collection specialist is doing is totally against these laws since other patients can easily overhear the conversation.

To sum up, organizations should have well-organized channels of collecting debts that will neither interfere with the activities of the individuals around them nor interfere with the privacy and confidentiality of other individuals (Weissbrodt & David, 54).



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