Decision Making

People will always face an ethical dilemma in their line of duty and must try as much as possible to resolve the issue that causes disagreement. It is essential to ensure that the decisions are justifiable (Mann, 2018). Sometimes we might think that we have made the right decision, but to someone else, that might be a wrong decision. Sometimes it is the opposite as we might feel we made a wrong decision, but it has a significant effect on another person (Mann, 2018). An individual should, therefore, emphasize rational reasoning rather than emotional reasoning when making a decision.

The work environment provides an appropriate setting that could make a person feel as if some of their decisions are wrong while some are right. For example, a manager may have noticed that there is a reduced performance of the employees hence would want to initiate changes to correct the situation. In as much as the manager might be right, the employees, on the other hand, may not be willing to accept some changes as they compromise their comfort zone. They will resist the changes. The initial challenge might become worse, and the manager might feel like implementing change was the wrong decision (Mann, 2018). However, the manager must strategize on how to reduce resistance to change by initiating effective communication among the employees. The enforced change will not only have an impact on the organizations but to the employees’ welfare as well since they also benefit from increased productivity in terms of increased incentives in the organization.

We might, therefore, believe that one decision is right and another one is wrong depending on the situation that a specific problem presents itself. We might as well not have conducted adequate research on an issue before deciding on how to resolve the existing problem. Also, we might not have given other people the opportunity to present their ideas and incorporate them into our decisions.  Therefore, we are unsure of their thoughts on a given decision and might feel as if we made the right decision yet it is wrong.




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