Decision-Making Process Leading Up to The Purchase Decision

Decision-Making Process Leading Up to The Purchase Decision

The product I bought last was I was an energy drink. I was driving for a long distance, and on my way, I started feeling dizzy and sleepy. It came to mind that I need some energy drink to boost my energy and concertation throughout the enter journey which otherwise could result in me causing an accident or kill myself driving. There were some energy drinks in the store, but I had a good experience with one specific drink known as Red-Bull. According to my red-bull drink works effectively with my body according to my knowledge. The above reason didn’t allow me to go into comparing with any other alternatives, I just worked into the store and picked, paid and left the store.

According to me, the essential attributes that lead to me to go for the drink was my experience with the bottle. From my past, I had used them, and it changed my driving experience. The glass has an instant effect when taken (Gursoy, 2019). Like glucose in the bloodstream that does not need to undergo digestion but directly absorbed into the bloodstream and help in generating energy to keep an individual alert, red-bull power is instant, and it keeps you awake for a long time. According to the information indicated in the can, the drink is specialized in improving concertation, and it is recommended for people traveling for long distances.

The fact that the product satisfies my needs when working on something that needs great concentration, I can say that yes, I will always buy the product if the need arises. It is a matter of urgency that will lead me to buy the product named earlier. I am aware that I will always be driving or doing some strenuous activities that could need the product to keep me alert.


Gursoy, D. (2019). A critical review of determinants of information search behavior and utilization of online discussions in the decision-making process (invited paper for ‘luminaries’ special issue of the international journal of hospitality management). International Journal of Hospitality Management, 76, 53-60.


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