Defunding Planned Parenthood

President Donald Trump’s administration and Congress politicians are introducing legislation aimed at defunding Planned Parenthood. The administration announced the implementation of a new rule that will do away with the Affordable Care Act that mandates all insurance plans to cover Planned Parenthood and ensure adequate access for birth control coverage to women whose schools or employers can legally refuse to provide coverage. This move aims to close down all Planned Parenthood facilities in the whole country. Many debates surround this issue with many people against this move and others especially conservatives supporting it. This paper will examine the surrounding debates around defunding Planned Parenthood Programs and offer solutions for resolving this problem.

Supporters of the move by the Trump Administration argue that Planned Parenthood supports abortion and that in many instances, the body parts of aborted fetuses such as liver, kidneys, and other body parts are sold to scientists for research. According to these supporters, such activities are unethical and unjust to the value of human life. Therefore, defunding Planned Parenthood Programs would better eliminate this problem.

Secondly, anti-abortion proponents argue that defunding Planned Parenthood initiatives will ensure that the funds are steered to another direction. These funds could be used to fund other critical medical programs such as cancer treatment and nursing programs. The supporters of the move argue that the government allocates a lot of funds to Planned Parenthood programs which facilitate the destruction of the human lives. Therefore, defunding these initiatives will be beneficial to the health sector as a whole.

However, opponents of Trump’s move towards defunding Planned Parenthood argue that this legislation would lead to the enactment of cruel laws to block thousands of parents who rely on Medicaid and other healthcare programs from getting care at family planning health centers. If this move takes place, patients who depend on Planned Parenthood will lose their selected provider and will not have any other place to turn to for care.

Similarly, this move by the Trump Administration will eliminate the guarantee for over 62 million women in America to access birth control services regardless of whom they work for. The people against the move term it as an unacceptable attack on healthcare because, with such regulations, employers could decide at any time that their workers do not have insurance for birth control any more. The move will take away the fundamental right of being able to determine whether or not one wants to have children.

Critics of this move also argue that it will result in a ‘domestic gag rule’ that will prohibit physicians and healthcare providers from thoroughly counseling their patients without the interference of the government. Such a move works to undermine the ethics of the medical field because it will force providers to withhold timely and relevant medical information from their patients.

Further, opponents of Trump move argue that defunding Planned Parenthood will be detrimental to the country. They add that if the administration cuts off over $500 million of the annual funding that the program receives, the number of abortion cases is likely to increase because many women will resort to having unsafe abortions which increases the risk of death.

From the discussion above, it is clear that Planned Parenthood is among the nation’s most prominent advocates and providers of quality and affordable healthcare for young people, women, and men. It is also the nation’s leading provider of sex education. Planned Parenthood serves patients with great care, respect, compassion, and 3with no judgment. Planned Parenthood allows people to make informed decisions about approaches to parenthood. It is therefore essential for the government to reconsider the move to defund the initiative for the health of the entire nation.