Derf’s Theory

Since the inception of services and goods, a lot has been offered to the market. Most of the products derived come as a result of consumer demand while others are introduced by producers to test the market. There are products that last for a long time in the market while others normally have a short life-cycle (Mendelsohn 23). These aspects have resulted in the development of various products including fads. Fads are usually introduced by a small group, and they are later embraced by a large number of people where the popularity is quite high, but with time, the popularity tends to decline since people lose interest.

Derf’s theory is a theory about how things get to be cool. Derf uses a comic strip to represent or showcase this theory. He uses a step by step representation to bring out various components of the theory. The theory has concentrated on showing the evolution involved with a fad. Derf tries to ensure that the view he portrays regarding fads is as accurate as possible. Some fads have actually followed this diagram the very same way it has been presented. He uses a demonstrative approach, but the theory is implicit in nature. It has a deeper meaning than what would be interpreted by merely looking at the diagram. The approach is quite informative. Derf tries to poke fun on reasons why people in the society adopt various trends using a comic. Derf uses the comic to show people the life-cycles of a fad. This includes its initiation up to the point where it is no longer regarded relevant, and people are not into it anymore. The fad involved in this case is the hardened booger that people used to hang from their nose. It was

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