Developing a quality program within an organization

Developing a quality program within an organization

Developing a quality program within an organization is one of the most important things towards achieving excellence. Having a vision often requires an administration that can act towards implementing relevant and helpful ideas. Healthcare organizations must and should have quality programs. This is as a result of its significance in providing services to society. An organizational quality program should be participative, systematic and implementable. This paper will address these three aspects by describing the benefits of a quality program towards achieving clinical excellence. The paper will also describe a relevant training program that can help in implementing aspects of quality management.

The first benefit of a quality program relates to its significance in seeking commitment and understanding from workers. It is crucial that all employees know about the quality management policies of an organization. A quality program helps employees to understand corporate goals and their importance towards achieving organizational success. Within a health facility setting, employees should know what is expected of them. This is often triggered by management strategies and corporate culture. When workers share and understand a common vision with the management, a world of potential and success is unleashed. When workers are put in the dark, commitment will be lacking, and policies may not be implemented successfully.

Secondly, developing a quality management program is important because it shapes organizational culture. In the contemporary world of health care, organizational culture needs to be modernized. This is as a result of the need or significance of employee feedback as well as the processes of ensuring professionalism is upheld. If workers have ideas on how to improve operations within the work setting, they need to believe in the management and get deserved support. This is crucial towards developing an outstanding organizational quality program.

Lastly, a good quality management program helps in fostering continuous improvement within a work setting. Constant progress in the health care sector is important because it helps in developing a culture that supports the interests of workers as well as service delivery.

Once a health organization has discovered and developed a quality management program, it will make initiatives of implementing it. Executing these initiatives needs training because employees should be conversant with the policies and goals of their profession. However, this training should be fashioned in a way that upholds health standards. Training employees might need resources, but it is beneficial towards achieving organizational success. When training employees to be conversant with current quality management programs, there are a variety of necessities that should be met. First, the ISO 9001 standards should be considered because they are crucial in ensuring competency and professionalism in service delivery. However, these standards should be used to train employees in a way that develops a cultured focused on organizational success. According to the ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 standards, developing a quality management program needs a documented procedure. This is crucial because employees should know that their performance must conform to the required health standards. Secondly, employees should be trained to perform tasks on the basis of qualification. This shows that the training should have a well laid down documented criteria that comply with health standards. Training employees using these standards is important because it will familiarize them with current work requirements. This kind of training will introduce quality within the organization because employees will develop new skills.

In conclusion, quality programs are crucial to achieving success. Employees should be trained and made conversant with updated work requirements.

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