Developing a Research Question

Developing a Research Question

Research Topic and Question

The relational model suggests that any strong research question is composed of the independent and dependent variable. These two variables have a direct positive relationship with one another. The research topic in this study is a discussion about the transition from military leader to a college professor. The study aims at examining the possible factors that tend to significantly influence the transition process of the military veterans into college professor during post-secondary education. Thus, the primary research question that would help in covering all the expectations of the researcher in this study is:

What are the key factors that affect the transition process of a military veteran or leader into a college professor during the post-secondary education?

Identification of the two Variables

In the above research question, the dependent variable is the transition process of a military veteran or leader into a college professor during the post-secondary education while the independent variables are the different factors that affect this transition process. Moreover, this research question creates a broad scope which the researcher can undertake an extensive investigation of the research topic. Some of the issues that the researcher can address include how the knowledge is passed from the teacher to the military leader or veterans who become students in the post-secondary education and the various internal and external factors that affect their learning process.

Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework of this research will primarily be based on the learning process that is involved mainly in higher learning levels such as colleges and universities. It is through the learning process that teachers can transfer the knowledge that is available in the academic materials and their minds to the brains of the students in the effort of equipping them with the required skills and insight which they can use to advance their careers.

The theoretical and conceptual framework helps in tatictically covering the research question of the study by examining the existing variables and the influence or relationship that they have on each other. For instance, the Creswell’s rainbow concept can significantly help in reviewing the existing relationship between the identified variables and hypothesis of this study and determine why different factors which are the independent variables predict the outcomes of the dependent variable which in this case is the transition process of the military leaders to college professor during post-secondary education.

Moreover, the Reflection Theory can be used in this study to explain how the success of military veterans in eventually becoming the college professors and others joining other careers,can be attributed to the effective teaching practices by the educators within the post-secondary levels of education. The effects of the various factors that affect the learning process can be reflected in the outcomes. Other fundamental theories that can be utilized in this study include Constructivism Theory which explains how students create knowledge out of their experiences in the classroom and the Behaviorism Theory which describes students’ attitudes and behaviors towards studies and the teaching process.

Background of the Study and Purpose of the Study

Studies show that there has been a rapid increase in the number of military professionals who are entering higher education. This has however not been a smooth process given the different factors that have shown to have a significant effect on the transition process of these individuals. The purpose of this study is to investigate the various factors that have influenced this process and determine their role in determining the outcomes of the learning process of these military professionals while seeking in post-secondary education to gain new skills and experiences to join other careers such as lecturing.


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