Dialectal Diversity of the English Language in the U.S

In almost every part of the world, there exist varieties of a language spoken by a particular group of people. In the U.S, the English language has not been left behind. The diversity of the English language has varied according to the regional setting or social set up of the American natives. The dialectal difference of the English language, it can be deduced that the English language has changed over time with the natives of a particular region or state of the U.S, sharing a social identity and can be identified by the same language norm. Moreover, it is worth to note that all the American English dialects follow a systematic pattern, including particular words and vocabulary identifiable with the specific dialect. Besides, the dialects of the different states including that of Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas have become more distinct from one another over the past several decades.

Dialectal diversity in English was mainly brought about by immigration of communities from different parts of the world into the U.S. Owing to this; the dialectal difference is expected to increase over time in some regions within the country since the United States is considered as a graveyard for various languages spoken by immigrants. Besides, the dialectal varieties in American English have had a significant impact on the politics of the country. During the American elections, it is perceived that the American natives are speaking the same English dialect vote as a bloc. Moreover, it has led to the U.S government setting up boundaries according to the language spoken by the natives of such areas amongst other factors. However, dialectal diversity has had various positive impacts as it has helped in the growth and recognition of American English worldwide.

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