Differences between Manufacturing and Service Industries

Differences between Manufacturing and Service Industries

The U.S Corporations have realized that service industries and not manufacturing will revive the economy of the country. Therefore, they have switched from manufacturing to service based economy. The productivity of manufacturing companies has risen steadily; however, the employment sector is growing at a low rate (McCullough 2012). This is one of the issues that raised debate on the significance of manufacturing companies. The following are the differences between manufacturing and service industries and how they might influence my career choice.

Service companies engage in recruiting individuals with specific knowledge and skills in a particular discipline the company offers. Also, their services are labor intensive and cannot be automated easily. However, the knowledge management systems in the company provide some degree of knowledge capture and sharing. For instance, Apple and IBM are good examples of service industries. The two companies have led to the rise of skillful technicians who deliver advanced services to the company and consumers (McCullough 2012). The strategy employed by the companies have created thousands of jobs for Americans. On the other hand, manufacturing companies have the ability to automate their production processes and reduce the company’s labor requirements. According to the information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (n.d), job opportunities in the U.S has been at a flat rate since 2000 since manufacturing companies offer fewer jobs to the public. Manufacturing companies only benefit the economy due to its high employee productivity. Their technological improvement can increase the company’s profit margin than in a service industry.

The change from manufacturing to a service-based economy will not have an effect on my career choice because, from my childhood, I had knowledge of the existence and importance of service industries over manufacturing sector. After I am through with my education, I will always engage in the service sector, and this is because of my love for business and the idea of being self-employed. It is important for graduates to understand that they do not need to be employed by a manufacturing company for them to survive in this world. Their high education level and creativity will enable them to deliver advanced services to a healthier economy.


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