Dior believes that astrology is essential for ensuring that the business experiences growth in the future. In this case, it assists to predict the customers buying trends and their preferences. Therefore, Dior uses it in determining the products that she should avail in the market. As a result, the business ends up making huge profits. This gives it a competitive advantage over other rivals in the same industry.

Additionally, astrology is critical in determining the price of cosmetics that Dior sells. The primary objective is to ensure that the value of these commodities is not too high or low than the prevailing market rates (Mansutti et al., 2017). The measure will ensure that the consumer is not exploited and the business earns reasonable profits. Dior also suggests that astrology helps to predict the customers buying trends. Cosmetics products attract huge sales in some seasons, especially during holidays. Therefore, astrology can assist to forecast how much to stock during this time. The goal is to ensure that the business does not overstock or run out of stock. The former will lead to wastage while the latter might cause inconveniences among the company’s clients. Additionally, the use of this strategy enables the corporation to maintain consistency in its affairs. It can be achieved by exchanging vital information via the internet which has made the world to look like a global village.

Astrology has been portrayed in the brand in many aspects. For example, it has been used to determine the impulse purchases. These buying trends are essential for the entity as they help to increase the entity’s sales. Additionally, it has been demonstrated in the demand and supply analysis of the product(Innes, Kerr and Hobbs, 2007). Astrology also influences the perception of the clients regarding the product. Additionally, it can help in understanding the market and segmenting it according to the requirements of each portion. It will assist in meeting the demands of each consumer in the market.

Benefits of having Labyrinth

Having a Labyrinth will give the store layout a good look. It will enable the customers to see the products whenever they move around the shop easily. As a result, some clients can purchase more products than anticipated. It is because of the impulse sales that might occur. Secondly, it gives the client an opportunity to interact with the salespeople before deciding which products to buy. The step eliminates the possibility of making mistakes as a result of rash decisions.

Moreover, a Labyrinth also enables the purchasers to know the items that are readily available in the stores. This is contrary to an enclosed shop where a person might not enjoy this freedom (Horchover, 2002).

Furthermore, the customers might have a long duration for shopping as they can move to different parts of the building while shopping. It might be beneficial to the business as it will create a reasonable perception among other potential buyers. People who pass by the shop are likely to move in and shop if they see many buyers. This is because of the thinking created that the items are such stores are good. Another benefit is that it generates enough space between the rows where the products are displayed. This makes it easier for the clients to move comfortably in the shopping mall while searching for items. Therefore, having a Labyrinth can involve some costs. However, its benefits outweigh these expenses.

Importance of seatings.

Stores should have seating’s at certain points to enable the customers to relax after moving for a long duration. The measure can assist in controlling their emotions while shopping. Some people might feel irritated and leave when they become tired. Therefore, the business might end up losing a substantial number of sales. However, a store that has seating’s increases its chances of making high sales (Healey, 2010). The customer will feel welcomed in these types of businesses; thus, purchasing several products.

Consequently, it will increase the company’s sales and its profits in the long-run. As a result, it may increase the chances of corporation growth in the future. Seatings are also essential because they may allow the clients to wait as the sellers attend others. It is a common phenomenon among the stores that attract a considerable traffic.

Moreover, it creates order in the stores as things will be conducted in an orderly manner when people are seated(Funk and Levis, 2009).These areas also assist in maintaining security in the stores as it eliminates the concentration of individuals in single areas. Ultimately, this can increase sales because individuals like shopping in secure areas. Also, the seating’s give the store a nice look, and it is possible to locate the position of every customer. Therefore, the business should have this area to enable it to attract and retain clients.

Limiting the number of products

A business can decide to limit the number of items in a brand to the client. One of the reasons might be to enable the slow-moving goods to be purchased. These are the products that most people might not be willing to buy unless they lack an option. However, this trend has numerous consequences to both the customer and the business. First, the client may have limited options in the market. It may influence the customer to search for similar products from the competitor’s businesses (Etzel, Walker and Stanton, 2007). As a result, the corporation will end up losing a significant amount of sales thus, leading to losses. Secondly, the firm may end up losing business because the customers cannot make a repeat purchase. In this case, they will create a perception in their mind that the company does not have sufficient products. Besides, the clients will develop a negative attitude of the brand image. Some of the clients can also buy what is readily available in the market instead of being influenced by their tastes and preferences. Also, the consumers can blame the business for interfering with their sovereignty if they realize such a strategy. Finally, the company might fail to utilize the available market for its products.

Why lady Dior bags are displayed

Bags should be exhibited to catch the attention of the client. An excellent presentation is capable of increasing the company’s sales. This makes the firm’s items to be appealing to the potential customers. The lovely looks can influence them to purchase these goods.

Additionally, it more accessible to know the prices of the bags shown. The cost of each item is usually indicated on each piece hence, making it easier for the clients to make a purchase decision.

Additionally, the customers are given a chance to select items from the products presented. As a result, they will buy things that are in line with their tastes and preferences(Eldring, 2009). Also, the business should display the bags to create a perception that the products are of high quality. Finally, displays can play an essential role in enhancing the loyalty of the customers.

Benefits of having a perfume corner

The organization should differentiate other cosmetics with the perfumes. The main reason is to separate them from other products. This will enable the customers to visit the place whenever they need them. Therefore, it will save customers time that they could have used to move around the store while searching for the products. The products also have a scent which might be transferred to other cosmetics if they are mixed. Majority of the customers might not want their products to have this smell (Chaffey et al., 2017). Therefore, distinguishing the products will safeguard the business from losing sales in the future. It is also prudent to separate items to make it easier to calculate the expenses and the costs associated with each piece. Having a perfume corner will also influence the purchasing decisions of the client. The clients can quickly identify the product while moving around the store in search of other items. As a result, it might greatly assist to improve company sales.

Perfumes also have different smells and moods. Customers who buy them before purchasing other items can be influenced to make impulse purchases. This will arise as a result of the pleasant feeling created from this corner. It will also create the brand spirit associated with these items. A strong brand is created when many products are shown in the corner. Therefore, the clients might have the desire to be associated with these products because of their high quality.












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