(Solved) NURS 408 Final Paper: Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing

(Solved) NURS 408 Final Paper: Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing

In this paper,  you will discussion direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing by comparing websites for companies that market clinical testing for consumers.  Private companies run the personal genomics websites  listed below.

Review the DNA specific information for the websites.  Discussion the advantages and disadvantages of consumers having direct access to this kind of genetic information.



My Heritage DNA


My living DNA


GPS Origins



For this assignment you will do the following:

  1. Read up on DNA/genetic consumerism and direct to consumer genetic test and how it has evolved in the last 10 years
  2. Choose two of the provided DNA websites
  3. Compare the information provided to consumers of the two websites.
  4. Discuss the advantage and disadvantages of consumers having direct access to this kind of genetic information.
  5. Discuss the nursing implication and patient teaching required for patients that may use these websites.
  6. Write a 3-4 page scholarly paper.

A title and reference page are required and are not included in the page count.

This assignment should be written in APA format.

A minimum of 3 peer-reviewed references are required.  References must be current, published within the last five years, and from the United States. (Your text book may be used as a source but does not count toward the 3 required references). The sites that you choose are also not considered scholarly sources.

An abstract is not required for this writing assignment.

See rubric in other attachment



Consumer DNA testing has finally gone mainstream, and the expectation is that the market will continue to keep booming. The growth has been attributed by the interest that consumers are developing of taking control of their health care plus now the regulations are giving them the ability to do so. Initially, there were wrangles with the FDA like in the case of 23andMe where they had been banned from using DNA testing to inform their consumers if they are in the risk of contracting certain diseases. This ban was lifted after 23andMe worked to prove that their tests were accurate. Genetic ancestry testing is enabled by examining DNA variations that help to provide clues on an individual’s ancestors coming from families (Ostergren et al., 2015). The more patterns of variations that people typically share, the closer they are related.

Comparison of Websites Chosen

The DNA websites chosen for comparison are 23andMe and My Heritage DNA.  Both websites provide their consumers with ancestry information. 23andMe offers 35+

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