Disappointing message letter

Disappointing message letter

Dragon Museum Corporation

4867 Herger Drive

Markus,Los Andrea

February 9, 2019

Dr. Samson Andrew

Botanical College

New Delhi University

Delhi, Larches 7657

Dear Dr. Samson Andrew:

As you had mentioned, the visit to our Museum will not only help the student in understanding the content and course they are pursuing but will help them in appreciating the beauty of nature and science. I also understand how crucial this visit is to the students especially know that they are about to do their final exam and they need adequate exposure to have what it takes before they take it. However,visiting the museum on February 15, 2019, will be against our by-laws and legal agreement which governs and drives this Museum as there will be an Annual General meeting for that day.It will also be a violation of Shareholders’ Agreement as it is the only day in our year when they are privileged to visit the Museum without interruptions. Violation of this can result in legal consequences which may cost us highly both financially and on good will.

For this reason, I hope that you will understand why your students will not be able to visit the museum on the scheduled day.We will, however, be delighted if you can reschedule the visit to another day from date 16 this month. Your application will be given the first priority, and you will be given the first lot at any day of your request. We are willing to cooperate with you to have the visit as soon as possible from February 16, 2019.

Am pretty sure this has greatly inconvenienced your plans as well as those for your students, and we are sorry for that. If you would like to book another day with us, be free to contact 233-443-5532

We look forward to your visit.


James Anderson,

Operations Manager


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