Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

Part 1: Disaster Preparedness


The geographical topic selected is Disaster awareness; the five questions will target to explore individual experiences, awareness, and knowledge of natural disasters. The questions assist in determining disaster preparedness by collecting information on philosophical perspectives on disaster situation. Based on the findings, they identify needs and help in preparedness planning for future disaster situations. Since different individuals have different perceptive, experiences and knowledge of natural disaster and preparedness as such partially closed-ended questions, provide the best solution for qualitative surveys.


Which of the following best describes a situation that you consider a natural disaster that requires preparedness supplies at home?

  1. Heavy rains and thunderstorms.
  2. Strong cyclone winds in the sea
  3. Mercalli scale intensity VIII Earthquakes
  4. Living next to a Volcano

How long does your emergency phrase last, and what time approximate do your preparedness accommodate?

  1. One week
  2. One month
  3. Three months
  4. One day

When faced with predetermined emergency scenarios, what attitudes do yourself find expressing in stressful and uncertain moments?

  1. Staying calm, cheerful and relaxed mood
  2. Pessimistic attitude
  3. Tension, regret, and distress
  4. Optimistic, courage and encouraging attitude


What preparedness knowledge do you personally exhibit that is essential in providing instructions needed to handle foreseen and unforeseen emergencies?

  1. First Aid training
  2. Mouth to mouth and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  3. Emergency supplies and safety equipment
  4. None of the above


Apart from family, and friends, what other facilities, resources, and assistance are readily available in your community?

  1. Community Evacuation plans
  2. EMS services are readily available
  3. Community Emergency Sheltering
  4. All of the above


Part 3: Reflection


There are several methods researchers can use to collect statistical data for Qualitative Research. However, the survey questions offer the best data collection technique that assures confidentially for respondents and appropriate information for researchers. The process of question formulation and preparation follows the objectives and hypothesis of the research. The questions help prove or disqualify the theory and to provide information to back the research objectives. In designing survey questions, researchers are required to apply the following principles in developing the questions;

  • clarity
  • logic and rationality
  • systematic order
  • The information structure.

Clarity develops through the creation of questions in simple English that are easy to understand and interpret. The question should also be logical and rational, and researchers must ensure the issues are in line with the subject matter and topic of the research. Quizzes should follow systematically order in ascending order this allows ease of transition from simple to complex ideologies. Lastly, the information from the questions should be appropriately structured, and research must not dig into personal and confidential information.  The Trenton survey seeks to provide information on community gardening at Trenton. It evaluates farming methods and activities, access to the farm, and Isle Gardening Support Network.  Analyzing the Trenton survey involves matching facts and figures based on the research questions.


The survey question presented in part one provide personal information on beliefs, perspective, and knowledge on disaster preparedness of individuals within the community. Ideally, general studies offer that most people in society define natural calamities as emergencies. Unfortunately, not everyone has adequate knowledge of what preparedness supplies are needed, the steps to take, emotions to exhibit, and community resources available in instances of emergencies. Therefore, conducting a survey based on the five questions will assist in providing original information aimed at developing appropriate action and procedures for disaster preparedness.


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