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We cannot guarantee that a particular grade will be awarded to you, and the event you are poorly graded, you cannot ask for a refund.


10% is our maximum acceptable level of plagiarism, and you have every reason to ask for a refund if it is anything higher than that. For more information pertaining to this matter, please visit our money back guarantee and revision policy. Bear in mind that bibliographical references, both in-text references and those at the end of the paper, together with clichéd phrases such as idiomatic expressions, standard phrases, connectors, and other phrases frequently used are not regarded as plagiarism and are therefore not included in the calculation of plagiarism level.


The prices visible on the prices section of the website do not include taxes(VAT)and is only charged to customers within the European Union.VAT is non-refundable and will be included in the cost of the order during payment processing. Discounts and extras are not subject to refunds either. Such include Top writer, Advanced senior writer, Abstract page, Plagiarism report, and VIP customer service among others.

 Refunds and revision requests

Not more than three free revisions will be performed on your paper and should you want more revisions done; you will have to place another order for editing and proofreading. Remember, refund requests are only accepted when the requirements listed in the revision policy are met. Your refund request will be rejected if our quality assurance department concludes that your initial instructions are satisfied.

Once you approve the work you receive from us, then you void your refund and have no right to ask for one. However, you can ask for a revision within 14 days upon receiving the work. Only approve the work after you have checked and made sure that everything is OK. This can be done in the preview mode. Should you experience difficulties viewing the paper in the available formats, you should contact our support team for relevant assistance.

When requesting for a refund, all the material provided to you becomes the property of the company. We, therefore, reserve the right to republish the content online for commercial purposes. You shall therefore not, under any circumstances, use the paper and any other material provided. We do not keep a database of past work.

After receiving a paper, you will have 14 days to approve it. This time is usually calculated from the moment the last version was uploaded to you. Once this time elapses, the paper is automatically approved.

VAT is not refunded. Therefore if you pay for VAT in the payment process, you only receive a percentage of the money that was stated in the prices section of the website.


The writer will not change more than 30% of the work if you order for editing and proofreading. The essential purpose of proofreading is to check for spelling and grammatical mistakes and errors in punctuation and plagiarized parts.(Every document is independently scanned for plagiarism).

Any sort of rewriting and proofreading are two different things. You, therefore, can’t expect a writer to come up with a completely new piece out of what you sent. Neither will you ask a writer to rewrite an online article and still pay for proofreading.

 Multiple choice and problem solving

We solve multiple choice questions and tests. When it comes to answering these questions, each is charged independently. You will also be required to complete an order form for these orders. With problem-solving, it is even more expensive.

All you will be required to do is to upload the test problems that require solving. The decision to trust our solution solely lays entirely on you, and we shall not be responsible for the grade you’ll be awarded.

Please note that we will not help you if you were tasked to complete any online test that requires you to log in to an account to complete