Discussion Board 5

  1. Do you have any personal strategies or systems in place that help you stay organized? What are some tips or recommendations that you can share?

Staying organized is not as easy as it seems in most case. However, through a daily routine I am able to ensure that all my activities are held. Over the years I have seen that an organization makes it easier for an individual to transform complex tasks into simple tasks. First and foremost, I ensure that I put my things to ensure that I am organized, and my immediate environment is held too. Secondly, I always make a to-do list early in the morning so that I can note all the activities that I am supposed to take part in during the day. This makes it easier to focus on different tasks at a time making them manageable. Thirdly, I ensure that I keep all my activities in a journal, and later on, I guarantee that I accomplish all my tasks within the day.

I would recommend time management to anyone struggling with organization issues. This is because time management is the basis of any organization. One should ensure that they are in a position to appropriately account for their time at all times. Additionally, I would recommend breaking complex tasks into simpler tasks which can be easily handled.

  1. Do you think that leaders need to be organized to be effective? Are there situations in which being disorganized can have detrimental repercussions?

Yes, I firmly believe that leaders need to be highly organized to ensure that they can manage any effective changes in the organization. Disorganization makes it challenging to locate different objects at the, and in return, this leads into time wastage in an organization. Additionally, the disorder causes reduced productivity since most tasks are not arranged in order making them difficult to accomplish. When disorganization is at its peak, it creates frustration, and in most cases, employees forget essential information which is relevant to service delivery.

  1. Share a situation or experience in which being organized was helpful. How can be dedicated to remaining organized help you succeed in achieving your goals?

Being organized has helped me in more than one situation. I remember some time vividly during a hearing we had a lot of litigants who had to be served, so I decided to record their names while issuing them with numbers to ease the traffic at the court. This ensured that I was in a position to serve them well. Therefore, I am always dedicated to being organized because it ensures that I meet my organizational and personal needs in check. Over the years I’ve developed a tendency to ensure that I focus on urgent matter and disregard matters which are not so critical for future purpose.

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