A Discussion on e-Activity

It is important for HR managers to prepare their employees for international assignments. From the e-activity, I would recommend that the HR manager should ensure an effective selection process. Selecting entails evaluating and deciding the right candidate for the job. The managers should provide sound reasons for choosing a particular candidate (Hegar, 2012). The candidate should demonstrate technical competence, skills, and complexity in globalization. Second, the HR managers should consider the language and cross-cultural training program. The pre-departure training on the language and culture of the foreign country is necessary because it makes the employees aware of the cultural differences between the two nations. Similarly, employees would be able to adapt faster to the new environment (Hegar, 2012). Employees with cultural competence have high chances of acquiring cultural skills once they are in the foreign country.

During the human resources planning process, the management tries to determine the best candidate that will help the organization to achieve its goals (Gaspar, Kolari, Hise, Bierman & Smith, 2016). From the scenario, the country that I will use is Japan. The HR manager might encounter the issue of dual-career couples when transferring employees to work as expatriates in Japan. The rise in dual-career couples hinders the recruitment and selection process for the best candidate to carry out an international duty. Couples refuse to relocate internationally because they fear disruption of family income, discontinuity in trailing spouse’s careers and heightened dysfunctional family issues (Gaspar, Kolari, Hise, Bierman & Smith, 2016). The solution to the issue would be providing family friendly policies. For instance, the company can decide to provide inter-company employment whereby the couples are sent to the same foreign facility. Also, the company can choose to engage in job hunting assistance to help the spouse search for employment in the host country.



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