Discussion on Facility Design (Metropolitan Market)

Discussion on Facility Design (Metropolitan Market)

  1. Identify a supermarket/grocery market to discuss for this Discussion topic.

For this discussion, I will talk about Metropolitan Market (Houghton), Kirkland, WA.

  1. What departments within the market tend to be co-located (adjacent to one another)? Do you believe the co-location is planned? If so why?

At Metropolitan Market, the two departments that are co-located are the grocery department and the bakery department (Phillips Enterprises, Inc, n.d.). I believe that the co-location of the two departments is planned because when a person shops for food in the grocery section, he/she tends to supplement it with homemade or ready food from the bakery. Similarly, the employees in both departments are co-trained because the grocery and bakery sections deal with selling food. Therefore, they can work in both departments because they possess the skills required to work in those sections.

  1. What departments within the market tend to be distant from one another? What purpose is accomplished by separating these departments so far apart from each other?

The two departments that are distant from one another include the houseware department and the meat department. The management of Metropolitan Market separated these departments because they wanted to keep meat fresh and safe from contamination. The houseware is a department that contains products that have been manufactured hence they might contaminate the fresh meat with toxic chemicals. Also, the departments are separated because the management would like its customers to spend more time shopping by viewing other products. When a customer is moving from the meat department to the houseware, he/she will pass through the bakery section and would pick some items before proceeding.

  1. Why is the layout of the supermarket so important to the overall delivery of the products and services provided?


The layout of the supermarket is critical because it determines the traffic flow effect within the supermarket. The management will try to create a suitable layout that will ensure smooth flow of people within the store (Taylor, & Brunt, 2001). Also, the layout will ensure that the consumers access the products conveniently. Therefore, the departments will always be located strategically to catch the eyes of the customers. On the same note, the management of the store will implement an effective layout not only to promote smooth shopping but also to gain the loyalty of the client and increase sales.

  1. What recommendations would you make to the layout of the supermarket to make the layout more effective or efficient?

For the case of Metropolitan Market, their layout is effective; however, I will only recommend that they should try to appeal to the younger generation by keeping the essential products right in the eyesight. Also, they should ensure that the platform allows the customers to have more shopping time by placing varieties of essential products in the four corners.



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