Discussion Post

Part 1

Different generations have their ways of communicating, which are unique. For instance, those who were born in the 1940s and 70s prefer face to face communication since, during their time, technology had not been actively incorporated. Conversely, those who were born between 1985 to date have embraced electronic communication. This is because they grew up witnessing high levels of technology and this has impacted their lives positively based on the speed of communicating with others. However, as technology becomes part of human life, members of various generations are getting acquainted with it and trying to fit in. I believe that with new technology, people will spend less to communicate with their friends, family members, and workmates; hence the Internet would be the most preferred medium. The introduction of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social media platforms have formed a basis for the daily communication witnessed in different parts of the world.

Furthermore, people are using computers in almost every part of their lives. For example, students are turning away from the use of physical books to e-books. This way, they can access the publications using their laptops. Also, they can send the books to their friends who live far apart from them. Moreover, the same students can easily do online assignments and get instant feedback and grading so that they can gauge their progress and make improvements where possible. This can majorly be witnessed among Generation X’ers since they grew up at a time when such technology had taken center stage (Helsper 41).

With the rising popularity of computer technology, many experts are worried because of the perceived health threats of sedentary habits, time consumption, and declined socialization among young people. The health issues raised are as a result of spending too much time behind laptop screens which deprives one of the chance to engage in physical exercise. Regarding time consumption, technology forces people to be online for a long time. For example, those who are addicted to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter tend to have less time to study or work. Finally, the use of such technology inhibits face to face interaction, hence reducing the rate at which people socially interrelate.

Part 2

The text addresses the role of workforce education and development in ensuring that students develop into productive employees in their respective workplaces. This means that apart from obtaining the theoretical aspects relating to their work, they are taken through the practical nature of the same to ensure that they deliver the best. This creates a conducive environment for firms to maximize their profitability.

Response to Discussions

Student 1

From your post, it is evident that technology has changed the way people interact across the world. I agree with you that in the past, communicating was not easy since one had to travel from one place to another to pass information. Also, since face to face communication was used, it was hard to deliver large amounts of data since this could have taken a longer time than in the new era of technological innovations such as social media.

Student 2

I concur with you that the way people interact varies from one generation to another. For instance, when a member of the baby boomer generation meets a millennial, it would be hard for the two to interact meaningfully (O’Lawrence 69). This is because the recent generation has adopted the use of technology in communicating and social media platforms characterize this.



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