Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

Discussion 1

Cognitive biases are thoughts which lead to poor decisions due to memory shortfall and logical errors. From the article by MAMMY by Dorcas West, the old woman had grievances against Mr. Coleman who was her boss, but the grievances had magnified themselves in her thoughts to a point where she could make the baseless accusation of killing the infant as compensation for her homesickness( Coleman, 2015). The old woman missed home too much and had grievances against Mrs. Coleman. The grievances accumulated too much for her to handle. However, the old woman was confined from escaping the grievances by Mrs.Coleman.

Discussion 2

The statement, “She might have been Irish…and a Catholic…a foreigner…or… a Jew.” These words from The Bones of Louella Brown convey the thought of racism.  This is because of the racial profiling of Louella.Louella was mistreated when alive due to her race as a black woman. However, the story ended with racial reconciliation as Louella came to seek justice and revenge for all the evil deeds done to her when alive.

During the times of this writing, racism was predominant across many superpower nations.Blacks were regarded as nobodies, and this even resulted in some of them being killed. However, nowadays things changed as racism is a thing of the past. Equality was restored, and blacks have their rights in any nation. There is no longer superiority based on the type of race than an individual comes from. During the writing of this story, racism was, and human whites were regarded as superior. Nowadays measures against racism have been enacted, and everybody has equal rights no matter of their background.




Coleman, J. W. (2015). The Radical Fiction of Ann Petry.


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