Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

Question One: Explain the Types of Process Likely to Produce

Apple iPad- iPad was produced using flow shops. Completion of each component is done in different areas and assembled at the end to make the final product.

Weddings- This is a project process due to the various components which constitutea wedding. There is a different process in each component.

Paper-.This is a continuous flow since it is only one product that is being made. There are no complex components that contribute to the paper.

Tax preparation- This varies depending on the complication related to the tax return. Mostly, flow shop is used because after one process is completed in the tax return, the next step is taken up to the final step.

Question Two: Example of Customer-Provider Route Encountered

Using the internet can be one of the customers routed service which can be provided. Currently, there are various pathways provided to customers with the freedom to choose what they want. For instance, E-commerce is involved by retailers both successful and those struggling to cope with the competition as a means of offering route services. Both parties are making improvements in their service delivery to satisfy their customers. For example, I was making online shopping for a book on amazon.com. When I searched my title, various options comes out. It was upon me to choose what is better than the other. Most of the books that come out when I searched were out of stock at that time. It is recommendable that Amazon.com filters the information so that customers only get information on currently available books.

Online sellers are increasing in number providing diverse services. However, Amazon.com is ahead of them in terms of technology usage. Customers can save their credit cards information for future usage. This makes it easy for frequent customers to order for products. It also saves time.

Fast food restaurants can be a common provider routed process. In these restaurants, customers have two options. They can either walk into the restaurant to eat or drive through the restaurant. The only common setbacks of fast food restaurants are the type of food they offer and the customer service. Examples of such restaurants are Chipotle and Panera. They strive to provide healthier and diverse selections ranging from hamburgers to French fries. In terms of quality customer service, I think of Chick-fill-a restaurant. However, all treat their customers with dignity and respect.

Question Three: Common Processes Preformed to the Students

There are some common processes performed by students such as writing papers, studying for exams, going to classes and getting out of classes. From an understanding of this chapter, students can detect any mistake in their processes. For instance, they can fail to get relevant research sources when conducting their studies. They can also perceive when taking longer than necessary going to classrooms if others are not. From the chapter, I have come to realize that priority must be set in every process to avoid abnormality in performing. Also, time should be managed well so that I become productive. Finally, I should ensure that every step I take contributes to the outcome of the final product, so I should take every step to be very valuable.

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