Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

Maya Angelou Discussion Questions

  • Which heading best fits the passage on page one
  • What is the central theme used on page 2 of journey 1
  1. The technological impacts in modern society
  2. Challenges experienced when child-rearing is done on a single-based family
  • What is the main educative message from passage 1, page 1
  • Which is the tone used in the passages
  • Which is thesynonym of fugitive
  1. Immigrant
  2. Escapee
  3. Foreigner

Harriet Tubman Discussion Questions

  • Which is the appropriate summary for the fourth paragraph of passage two on page 2
  1. Harriet was a multipurpose worker in the union duringthe civil war
  2. The escape of the slaves through a raid
  • What is the main point of view expressed in passage two on page 2
  1. Harriet Tubman underwent several mistreatments as a slave
  2. Harried Tubman turned the small piece of land that he owned to a charity home that supports the aged in the society
  • Why is Harriet Tubman so interested in the union?
  • Provide the appropriate heading for the narrations.
  • How did Harriet endure mistreatments as a slave?

Rosa Park Discussion Questions

  • Which is the best summary for the second paragraph in passage 1, page 1
  1. Raymond was knowledgeable because he educated himself on several issues emerging in society.
  2. Raymond Park was an activist because he was always updated on current events that happened through extensive research that he carried out ona routine basis.
  • Why does Raymond decide to give him land to the aged
  • What is Raymond’s role in racial segregation?
  • What is the primary message from passage 1, page 1
  1. Rosa Parks was ready to die for a cause that she believed in and stood for other people’s rights.
  2. The laws enacted to be incorporated into racial segregation were not fair and promoted inequality among people
  • Why were racial segregation laws passed?

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