Discussion Response

Discussion Response

Management and control of fever to Laotians requires one to understand what their beliefs are on the causes of fever. The culture believes that fever is as a result of soul loss, seasonal change, hard work and probably intrusion of the body by foreign particles. The beliefs are that any of these reasons could cause fever (Mayxay et al., 2013).  It would be important for a medical officer to remember all these possibilities in mind while examining the patient. Interviewing the patient would be easy and deliver results by first allowing her to give her view of the fever and this would help me understand her sentiments on the fever. According to Mayxay et al., (2013) doing an ethnic-epidemiological approach would deliver results on local perceptions on most of the diseases affecting Laotians and probably help in formulating a solution. Since the first aim is to promote preventive behaviours, understanding the local community would be important. The community has provided enough support systems for Laotians because there is a health centre that is managed by the Thai welfare group (Mayxay et al., 2013). Laotian people have developed different therapeutic methods that can be used to manage fever and keep it at bay.  In case the home remedies do not work, they are open to seeking help from western medicine especially if the situation gets worse or such a situation has claimed the lives of another patient. It is therefore important to inquire if the patient has tried the Thai remedies before offering Western solutions (Mayxay et al., 2013). In California and other areas that have a large population of Thai communities, patients would get help on a national level if the interventions at the community level did not work. The advantage of this is that these practices have been adopted across all areas with large Thai populations (Mayxay et al., 2013).



Mayxay, M., Castonguay-Vanier, J., Chansamouth, V., Dubot-Pérès, A., Paris, D. H., Phetsouvanh, R., … & Slesak, G. (2013). Causes of non-malarial fever in Laos: a prospective study. The Lancet Global Health1(1), e46-e54.

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