Dispute Resolution

A frame refers to a method through which people perceive, interpret and respond to specific situations. Conflict-management frames or Process frames, therefore, are a set of assumptions that individuals must, therefore, make to obtain the best way, through which they can approach a dispute to be it in the process of negotiation, arbitration, protest or military action (Yang, Cheng, & Chuang, 2015). While approaches tend to pay attention to needs, rights, and power, the best method to employ in the Nikki-Michelle conflict is the interest.

Nikki’s Perspective

Nikki as the manager is more concerned with the organization being in a position to deliver more. As a manager, she is responsible for meeting organizational objectives and increase flower sales. As such she believes that changes in the shifts will significantly help improve their firm’s performance, something that she desires. In her position as a manager, she understands, that the pressure of underperformance will directly be pushed to her managerial position from top management. Her needs, desires, concerns, and fears form her primary interest in making the shift.

Michelle’s Perspective


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