Dissemination Of Evidence-based practice and Research

Dissemination Of Evidence-based practice and Research

Medical practitioners in health care and researchers have a role to play in solving the problems in society and managing the medical needs of the patients. As a result, emerging research gives the opportunity to improve the health of individuals daily. There are numerous approaches available for dissemination of projects and research findings. Some of the most common one’s journal for biomedical research as well as professional presentations in meetings. Professional presentations can take an oral perspective form or can be done in poster form, including magazines. Disseminating evidence-based practice and research, including results at a conference is an important part of professional practice (Edwards, 2015). The other most commonly used project is the professional journal where one can present the project is a presentation at a professional meeting. This is where I will present my professional projects of evidence-based practice in this project that talks about the nursing shortage at the emergency department and postpartum unit at mercy hospital. This presentation will be done using two platforms including oral and poster presentation. In a professional meeting, I will have an opportunity to give the quick findings in the presence of the stakeholders within the nursing profession and those that are concerned with emergency department and postpartum department in mercy hospital. This method will also allow the researcher to explain the project in detail and also gain feedbacks that will be helpful for further information. The other choice about using biomedical journal also has several advantages, including getting feedback from the professional biomedical. However, it will not be the best option. Professional meeting presentation is, therefore, the best option as it will expand on what the researcher has already worked on.




Edwards, D. J. (2015). Dissemination of research results: on the path to practice change. The Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy68(6), 465.

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