Divergent Thinking

Catalytic leadership is the process through which the knowledge gained from elsewhere is put into practice to improve the society while divergent thinking is the way through which the resourceful ideas are faced with hostility. Based on the TLC as an entrepreneur I fully support it since this is something that is accessible on the daily basis based on the area of specialization and its relevance.

I’m using all those sources to the fullest in the following ways: Thinking through maximizing all the available natural resources into good use, Coming up with an idea  leading to a transformative nature, Learning comes about when the knowledge gained from the other fields is emulated  and brought into the real  field thus causing a positive and a reasonable nature of development in the economy also through attending various seminars hence exchanging thoughts on how to handle some situations that may appear difficult but now can be  solved easily through the applicable skills gained in the field. Create through the following ways: an entrepreneur taking the opportunistic nature to advance the little knowledge into the impactable nature through a transition, Being goal-oriented this is majorly brought about when you find an individual determined towards achieving specific objectives in attaining major goals on individual status, also though being a risk taker the entrepreneur’s knowledge is applicable in getting a solution to that if the invested resources towards the business is likely to end within a short period therefore measure can be put to curb all those challenges by setting the business mind in the either way operation this can easily make an individual not to die from stress.

I’m accessible to various resources like capital, land and technology. Yes I’m using it to the fullest extent as follows: in the land issue one can easily cultivate using the manpower instead of mechanical system thus saving people from getting unemployed this has ensured the technical skills learnt in class is put into the real field and also the cost is less as compared to the use of machines that applies various means. Access to capital this has ensured the level of the interest rate is rising drastically instead of using labor-intensive materials one applies the use of capital intensive tools that saves time and money and also the level of security is sustainable. Access to technology has facilitated access to various services like a vast market, communication and even the level of protection is sustained. This is majorly done as follows access to market through the internet on the World Wide Web thus saving time for one to travel to places, communication is through the use of electronic materials in which the message reaches to various sides, and through the application of the CCTV level of security is sustained.

The following are ways through which liberate divergent thinking is brought out: in the access to market the government may chip in subsidies and increase the level of taxes. Access to maximum natural resources may bring about good production but on the other side causing pollution. In business, one may expect profits but in the results is all ends the losses. Thus, access to the market may involve profits but due to government intervention causing a loop in taxes. Labour force may accrue high benefits but if its unskilled labor force it may affect the result. In conclusion, stronger entrepreneurial skills lead to quality, quantity and presentable output.








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