Diverse Learners

A Reflection on the Analysis

It is essential to acknowledge the existence of students and educators from different cultural backgrounds and that they all have different opinions, ideas and attitude towards specific activities and topics of discussion. Diversity plays a significant role in education as it affects student’s success as well as the performance of the educator on delivering quality service to the students as well as how one relates with the students and colleagues.

Diversity has an impact on student’s growth in various aspects of life as they learn new ideas from their peers. They also enhance their cultural awareness as they interact with students from different ethnic groups, religion, and races. Students and educators learn to acknowledge, accept and celebrate the diversity (Genishi & Dyson, 2015). Students, therefore perform better in a diverse environment as it provides them with the opportunity to advance their creativity levels. They also feel safe since they have become comfortable with the differences and having diverse educators makes them understand various subjects in different perspectives thus broaden their knowledge.

Diversity has significant value in student learning as they can discuss various topics such as gender roles and life experiences from multiple perspectives thus enhancing the conversation. Students also get the chance to prepare for their future careers since they will have to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds (Genishi & Dyson, 2015). As an educator, diversity is the most appropriate approach to understanding the unique needs of diverse students and responding to them accordingly instead of assuming that the students have the same capabilities. Despite their differences, I know how to treat them equally without some students feeling as if their contribution in class does not matter.  I also have to consider the topics of discussions and customize the topics while considering the student’s unique background thus avoid discussing the sensitive topic that could generate stereotypes and further division which will impact on the performance of the students and their personal growth.

A Reflection on the Application

The research that was helpful in my understanding of diversity was on the assessment of diverse learners through their shared experience on different topics. The students had different ideas but were free to share thus providing me with new knowledge and understanding of the topic. I learned a lot from the application of diverse student groups (Genishi & Dyson, 2015). The students might have different cultures, but they appear to be similar in some way. For instance, the topic of gender role provided the students the opportunity to discuss various issues from their understanding and experiences. In as much as the student’s stories were different, I noticed that almost all cultures had the perception of men being superior to women and that there are some occupations strictly meant for men and women.

However, the students acknowledged how gender roles have changed, and some students do not mind performing any task regardless of the gender assigned to that role. From that exercise, I learned that students have increasingly become aware of different cultures and appreciate them. Therefore, students have an open mind when discussing various topics thus having a meaningful and successful debate. Based on the knowledge I have gained so far, I now understand how I can manage a diverse group of students by understanding my culture and ensuring that I appreciate diversity in the school environment. I will also ensure that I encourage my students to become successful as I motivate them by being committed to achieving equality without other students feeling insecure about their class contributions.

This assignment has presented me with new ideas on how to create a friendly environment that will honor diversity. I will have to bond with the students to make them feel comfortable about themselves and encourage them to contribute towards the topics of discussion in the classroom (Genishi & Dyson, 2015). I will also organize with the school administration to hold cultural day festivals to give the student the opportunity to display, different cultures learn and appreciate from each other thus increasing cultural awareness in school which will impact on the learning outcomes of the students as well as motivates educators to become competent in aspects of diversity.

In general, diversity has a significant role in increased performance as well as personal growth. As a person learns a different culture, they appreciate diversity and develop productive relationships that lead to success in various aspects of life. Educators must thus strive to encourage appreciation of diversity in classrooms.



Genishi, C., & Dyson, A. H. (2015). Children, language, and literacy: Diverse learners in diverse times. Teachers College Press.