The world as we know it contains people of different races, religions, languages, talents, and preferences. But it is in this diversity that God declares the beauty of His creation. Jesus, through His unity with the Trinity, prays and predicts that the world will be one, in honour and glorify to God (John 17:21). This unity will see people across cultures speak the same words, in appreciation of the wonders of nature and God’s creation. The essence of this unification is that the worth and authenticity of a grand a work of art increases with the diversity of the people agreeing of its greatness.

Similarly, organizations realize the need to employ people of different sets of skills and abilities, and mostly this leads to a mixture of cultures (Hackman & Johnson, 2013). It is noticeable that this is a need, and that God wants everyone to understand how indispensable operating in one is. Hence, we all cannot fail to appreciate and glorify the work of art that is God’s creation, working in complete synchronicity and coordination.

Additionally, its God’s plan to use the entire people of the world as insistently referred to as the ‘whole body,’ in the scriptures. Paul elaborately explains the vitality of people coming to together as one by saying that if all the parts do not coordinate, it hinders God’s plan for greatness(Ephesians 4:1-11). The same dawns on leaders of businesses and organizations, that if they want to top the charts, they have to venture into an assortment of cultures. A leader’s splendor, just like God’s wonderfulness, increases with diversity (Piper, 2019).



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