Diversity Challenges

Diversity entails acknowledging and valuing each individual’s differences regardless of their gender, class, disability, race and age. I believe that when hiring, the company should consider both diversity and qualified individuals. The aim of a diverse workplace is to create an inclusive environment that values the abilities of all its employees. Hiring employees with different backgrounds and perspectives will benefit the organization since they will bring unique experience, knowledge, and ideas. Similarly, an organization will not function efficiently or realize profits when it has an unqualified workforce. Therefore, for a company to yield greater productivity and competitive advantage, it must hire best-qualified individuals.

My future place of work could benefit from diversity in the following ways. First, a diverse workplace offers an opportunity for employees to learn and grow. When employees are exposed to new culture, ideas and perspectives, they tend to grow intellectually and perceive the surrounding in a clearer way. Second, diversity increases marketing opportunities and the image of the business. Diversity initiatives in an organization improve the quality of employees, which can be a stimulus to a better return on capital. The company will receive more customers, increased sales revenue and improved market share. Third, employees from different backgrounds could bring a diverse experience to the organization. Working with people with diverse knowledge and skills strengthens the productivity of the team.

Regarding the situation in the video, I will hire Felix because his qualifications are outstanding. Although the employee did not have good communication skills, he had a good education background. I will hire such an employee hoping that the working conditions and diversity in the organization will help him improve on areas he showed weakness. The training and social interaction in the organization will help mold him into an individual who could work with a bigger family.

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