Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

In my opinion, this book presents a powerful thriller of its time (1968) and is successful in bringing the story to life. The book is very realistic in a sense that it predicts the future from that age in time. The story happens in 2021 after the world war had led the earth close to an apocalyptic state. Some survivors emigrated to Mars and carried with them sophisticated androids manufactured by firms who had made animals such as sheep, birds horses, and many others. These androids were incredibly realistic making it hard to distinguish them from human forcing the government to ban them from the earth. However, these androids blended in since they did not want to be identified.  The story plot begins by Rick Deckard, a bounty hunter of androids doubting himself a lot, the morality of his job and his ability as a bounty hunter.

Further, a second plot follows an android called John Isidore who is “Chicken-Head” the term is used to refer to those who did not pass the I.Q test and could not emigrate off the planet.  Isidore lives lonely in an abandoned building and works at a firm that makes false animals. Rick is then called to “retire” six Nexus-6 androids, who have escaped from the Mars colony (by killing their masters) and have out-witted Rick’s colleague Dave Holden. He is then introduced to Phil Resch, a bounty hunter who is an android with false memories who team up and kill three the androids. Isidore and Rick’s path meet when Isidore’s neighbor is one of the Nexus-6 androids. Isidore’s relationship with the android grows, and the android brings the other two androids to stay with them. When Isidore is confronted with Rick, he lets him know of the android’s presence, but he doesn’t help in the hunting. Rick finally kills the last three androids and retires from bounty hunting and, Isidore moves into the town and lives with society.

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