Do Cognitive Changes Accompany Developments in the Adolescent Brain?

Do Cognitive Changes Accompany Developments in the Adolescent Brain?


The second stage of human development that involves the second decade is associated with many changes in the way an individual understand the world. It is a period where education becomes maximum as an individual is capable of understanding and analyzing technical information. There are many types of research which have been conducted to explain the changes in the behavior at that period. Most of them link it to the fact that tit it is the period that the brain development and expansion becomes maximum. This makes it possible for them to learn more technical things. Utilizing the age as an educator becomes crucial since it is the time where the concentration power becomes strongest among such individuals. This discussion is a review of articles that have investigated the various changes that take place during the adolescent and their importance in education at that particular time. it is based on a scientific analysis of facts

Keywords: adolescent, learning, brain development,  risk-taking.


Do Cognitive Changes Accompany Developments in the Adolescent Brain?


Thisarticle is to investigate the dynamics of brain development during the adolescent stage. Since cognitive development occurs during the first decade of human growth, the second decade of social development involves changes in the brain-body structure. Itmeans changes in emotions and being alert to the activities around an individual.


The result of the study reveals that learning during adolescent is much efficientduringthe first decade of human growth. In this case, they can integrate new information with the existing ones to understand the world better.The research also revealsthat the decision-making abilityfor adolescent individuals is much devoted to experimental intervention and is designed to foster improvement. Furthermore, the ability to self-directed inquiry becomes evident during the adolescent stage than all other ages in human development. Inthis case, individuals in the second decade of their lives become so much interested in themselves than all different ages, an indication of the increase in the expansion of the brain. Active learning and analysis of new information become evident in the stage. The second decade is an advancement of cognitive development that enables the process of learning.

Importance in educational job

An understanding of the subject of brain development and the ability to understand complex information is one that becomes crucial in the education and learning process. As an education professional, introducing active learning to a student at this age will be more efficient than earlier or later decades of an individual’s life.


Risk Taking in Adolescence


This article aims to explain why most adolescentsare pro-risk-taking andtherefore. The, therefore, investigates the link between the capacity of the brain and the ability to analyze different situations for risk-taking.

Results for the study

Several factors have been linked to risk-taking in adolescents.One of the evidence as from the neuroscience reveals that the risk-taking is a product of the interactions between the two brain networks. They include the socio-emotional system responsible for social and emotional stimulations. Thesecond one is the cognitive control network accountable for planning, thinking ahead andself-regulation. This interaction enables them to take risks and learn complicated things.Thebehavioralscience explains that theincrease in risk-taking among adolescents is linked to three major factors. They include septicity to antisocial peer influence. Thesecond is the heights of brain development that enable them to explore new stuff. This, therefore, leadsto doing new things that may involve risks. Among them include, exploring sexual emotions and attempting to understand how they work. The third influence in the power of per. These individuals determine the level of risks that are to be taken.

Importance to education

An understanding of the reason for the increased risk-taking ability among the teenagers will enable an educator to handle the students appropriately as he or she tries to match their level of understanding of the new ideas to the correct usage in their lives. It helps in the learning process and ensures those students can make use of their expanded knowledge.

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