Do Democracies Go To War?

Do Democracies Go To War? This statement is a question that can be answered by both a yes or no. The answer to the question depends on how one can argue his or her case. First, it is essential to understand the meaning of the word democracy. The word democracy is derived from an ancient Greek word “demoskratos.” The simple meaning of this Greek word is “people power.” Theorists have argued that the word democracy should mean, a system of government that is governed by the people. These people can either exercise they powers directly or indirectly. When people exercise power directly implies that they help in the process of decision making without using representatives. This process of decision making may involve either public participation where people air their views or through referendums. When people exercise power indirectly means that people choose representatives who air the majority’s views. These two types of government represent democracy.

The question, Do Democracies Go To War? Has two sides, however, it is necessary that we understand the concept of war. There are several forms of war. The first one is the military war which involves a state engaging another state in active military action.  Economic wars involve one state banning or giving sanctions of goods from another country. The last one is the cultural war which entails a state baning another's states cultural practices in their country.  This conflict implies that a sovereign state engaged another state, for example, US and Iraq in 2002. Economic wars involve that one state bans commodities from another state, for example, Zimbabwe and Europe. Lastly, cultural war means that a state bans cultural practices of another state from getting practiced in their country. In this case, I will consider military war.

The first side of the question is, democracies do not go to war. Several theories have been put forward in favor of democracies do not go to war. The first theory is the democratic peace theory. This theory is the oldest theory that got published in 1975 by Immanuel Kant. Kant in his essay “Perpetual Peace: a Philosophical Sketch” argues that democracies do not go to war with other democracies. Kant supports his argument by the fact that democratic countries are more peaceful when compared to non-democratic countries hence are likely to relate well. He further states in his paper that peace exists in countries that are republics. States that

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