Do Negative political campaigns affect democracy?

Do Negative political campaigns affect democracy?

Democracy is influenced by several factors in a society. They include the political will that ensures peaceful coexistence and uniformity in the ascertainment of peace based economic and social development. However, the influence of negative politics has continued to raise question on the sanity of the countries based on the politic conducts in such states. An analysis of political influence indicates that there are specific factors that influence the democracy of the country. This factor therefore reveals the influence of negative politics and the probability of such politics being used to determine the democracy of the country. This   proposal therefore aims at evaluating the political cretariopus in the use of campaigns to influence the democracy of the country. It is based on analysis of present and past information based on the critical observations of the impact of such coumpaingnss based on the decision of the society and the unity of citizens of a country.

Keywords: Democracy, politics, campaigns, negative, influence

Do Negative political campaigns affect democracy?

The question on democracy and negative politics is of interest to me since it reveals the dynamics in the society that governs the decisions to the way people live. Negative political campaigns are common in most political campaigns in   in countries that embrace democracy. Freedom for speech and opinion is always an element of democracy.  However, during period of campaigns, there are name soiling of participates and negative influence to the people that make    hem choose a particular leader based on the political ideologies that he or she has used. This discussion focuses on the negative political campaigns and its influence to democracy.

Things I know about the topic

Negative political campaigns involve the use of campaign strategies that aim to turn one group against the other so as to win a political campaign. It involves the use of divisive politics such as racism, tribalism.   Other aspect that can be considered   negative is the use if inflammatory language by politician who may inspire violence among the public hence preventing the liberalism of the citizens to make decisions based on the important matters of the society. Constructive politics is always agenda driven and tends enlighten the citizens on the positive ways of making decisions. the probability of the  country to develop depend on the  choice  of the people based on the political ideologies that they choose negative  political campaigns continues to be the leading cause of democratic deterioration  in   development

What I intend to investigate on the topic

There are five key issues that are important to determine in the case of negative political campaigns.  One of them is    to determine whether the freedom of speech and opinion allow the politicians to use negative politics to win the hearts of electorates. This is helpful in analyzing the principles of democracy based on the impact it has on the   citizens. The second factor that aims to determine is whether democracy allow for negativity in the political campaigns, as a   defining factor for election.  There is also a need to establish the empirical evidences of negative political campaigns and the real political impact they had on democracy of the country. The impact of the negative political campaigns becomes a major area of focus moreover, it becomes important to determine how to control the   negative political influence on democracy. These factors therefore make the major areas of determination.

There have been many instances where democracy and freedom of speech turn to violent. Taking a case of the USA where politic has been based on the negative comments on factors like racism and religion hatred; there was a class of people which adequately benefited from then divisive politics in the country. This research therefore needs to investigate the extent to which the negative political campaigns undermine the   democracy of the country.

In conclusion, the research on the influence of negative politics is one of the factors that are investigated in the current politics in the democratic countries. The freedom of speech and opinion has always been regarded the basic fundamentals of democracy.    However, they contribute to major negativities in the current political sphere. This discussion is therefore based on the analysis of negative politics on the democracy of a state best on past and present experience.