Do the benefits of study abroad justify the difficulties?

Do the benefits of study abroad justify the difficulties?

Do the benefits of study abroad justify the difficulties? What advice would you offer to a prospective student?


The increasing desire for education has made many learners leave their home nations to search for knowledge in foreign lands. One of the reasons is because of globalization that has made it possible for many countries to cooperate on many issues. Secondly, most students go to other nations to study after receiving scholarships from their colleges or philanthropists. This is a common phenomenon among learners who come from low-income families.

Additionally, some nations have few vacancies in their institutions to accommodate all students. This forces other learners to search for colleges outside their country to continue with their studies. This essay will focus on whether the benefits of learning abroad outweigh the challenges experienced by students.


Many students stay away from their parents after being admitted to join college. Moreover, some learners leave their home nations to pursue their education in other jurisdictions. Studying in foreign countries has numerous benefits to a student. First, it will enable someone to learn about new cultures and create new ties with other people (Byram & Feng, 2006). These networks can enhance the student’s chances of getting a job after completing studies. Besides, it trains a student to manage finances and become independent for a better future. In this case, the learner does not get financial support from the parents back at home. This enables someone to be self-reliant in the future.

Additionally, the student will have a chance to learn new languages and interact with different individuals from other parts of the world. These associations are vital for the student who might belong to a diverse race and culture. Therefore, the student can learn to be tolerant of other individuals with different opinions. Finally, studying abroad gives the learner a chance to learn new ideas. As a result, the student can apply the knowledge after returning home for his or her benefit.

However, studying abroad has many challenges to the learner. An individual will have to depart his parents and close associates for a while. Someone will suffer psychologically because of the lack of social touch with close friends. Therefore, it may take some time before creating new acquaintances and dealing with the problem of homesick. Secondly, the student might run out of cash despite operating with a budget throughout the semester. As a result, the learner can lose concentration in studies because of these hardships (Oosterbeek & Webbink, 2006). The climatic differences between the native nation and foreign land can pose severe challenges to the individual. This is because someone might move to a region that has different weather from that of the native country. Consequently, the student can also suffer from tropical diseases.


My advice to anyone intending to study abroad is to prepare in advance. It is because the application process can take a long duration. Also, someone must set aside adequate funds to cater for the travel and accommodation costs. However, the benefits of studying abroad have many benefits than the difficulties experienced.


The increasing need for education has led to a rise in the number of student enrollment in schools. The limited number of vacancies in native institutions has forced many learners to study in foreign nations. Though, learning abroad has many benefits despite the challenges encountered. Therefore, one should prepare well before leaving the home country to study overseas. In this case, I can advise people to study abroad because it has many benefits despite the challenges witnessed.


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