Do you support the implementation of the social credit system? Why/Why Not?

Do you support the implementation of the social credit system? Why/Why Not?


A social credit system is an advancement in the technology that is meant to bring about the standardized assessment of a country citizens, through their daily activities like the businesses, economic and social reputation. The system is intended to provide the “social- credit score” for each citizen and businesses. The score would be based on social behaviors like the spending habit, regularity of paying bills and their social interactions. The credit score will then be made available to the public and thus will act as a measure of trustworthiness of a person.

Winner’s argument for artifacts has politics.

In his article, Winner discusses the idea that machines, structures, and system have more impact inform of power and authority rather than their contribution to the environment- both positive and negative- and on efficiency and productivity. According to Winner, political properties can be into two forms. First is if the invention, design and the arrangement are used a way of solving issues in a specific community. Secondly is what he call the “inherent political technologies” where the systems are attuned to particular or particular political ideologies. He gives an example of the bridge on the long island (123) which has a low overpass that does not allow buses to pass and thus restricting the poor from accessing them.

Winner argues that what we call technology is a mechanism that is used to build order. The systems and the devices that we use have vital importance in our everyday life and thus have a possibility of ordering human activities. (127) In connection to this, the social credit can be analyzed politically as used to affect people politically. For the technological change to happen there two choices that need to be made, the “yes/no” answer. The development of the system will have some effects on the distribution of power and authority. The social credit system is meant to bring an equal view of every citizen. In doing so, it will help the government distribute their services according to the data of various place. For instance, the shopping habit in a particular town will determine how the government will sanction the tax on the people around that locality. Consequently, the system will enhance the sharing and decision making of those in authority about a particular location.

The system may also help in the reduction of crime as every person will be under constant review and their activities are taken note of.  A person with a criminal record will be easily monitored. Although the idea of the social credit system may appear harsh, in one way or another, it is meant to make life easier for the citizens. Its implementation will expect that every person registered under the government will be able to be accounted for. The credit point will help people to know that who among them is trustworthy or not.

The most substantial reason for why someone might disagree with you?

The issue with people is that they like their privacy. The implementation of the system will mean that they lack the privacy they deserve. In so doing they may argue that the fact that after their activities are scrutinized, they are posted to the public, it may and will lower their self-confidence. Other might consider the implementation of the system as a Technological dictatorship.