“Some Doctors Still Dismiss Parents’ Concerns about Autism”

“Some Doctors Still Dismiss Parents’ Concerns about Autism”

The article is about how it takes long before children are diagnosed with autism. This is regardless of the signs of the developmental disorder being prevalent as early as when the children are 1-year-old. This is based on the small observations that parents make while attending to them on a daily basis.

The article postulates that the reason for the delayed diagnosis is the fact that doctors tend to dismiss the concerns that parents have. In order to have a superior understanding of how children with autism get delayed with regards to diagnosis, the article examines surveys from Centers for Disease Control. Based on various documented cases, physicians responded differently when parents came with concerns regarding their children’s conditions. There are doctors who called for further tests to be conducted and others referred the parents to relevant specialists. There are other doctors that did not take any action apart from reassuring the parents that their children were normal.

The article outlines that there are various reasons that deter health care practitioners from reacting instantly upon the mentioning of autism. The first reason is that parents taking care of young children usually worry about minor issues. If the parents do not mention certain words, it becomes easy for practitioners to ignore their concerns. Another reason is that it is not easy to detect autism in young children by most doctors since they have not been trained to spot the early signs. This is because little was known about autism when most of the doctors practicing currently were in medicine schools.

It is the belief of the writer that autism can be diagnosed much earlier. This would help children to adopt early by learning ways of making their lives manageable sooner. There is need of availing physicians with resources to help them recognize the signs of trouble as early as possible. This would come along with impacting them with the relevant skills to help in this realization.

According to the article, The American Academy of Pediatrics has made a recommendation for children to get screened during their 18-month checkup. The main concern is that it might take some time before the practice takes root.


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