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Diverse social and economic problems surround our society. As an aspiring social worker, I plan to work directly with the clients. The process would require social skills to help clients in solving diverse problems. One of the long term goals of direct-service goals is to develop an economic survival program for jobless middle-age clients. The process could involve different strategies such as helping them access government assistance in addressing major economic problems. My short term goal is to help people in their day to day lives, Improve live of the targeted clients especially those struggling with financial issues. My long term goals are to get into a private practice and head departments in social institutions such as schools and hospitals.

I am drawn to your institution for several reasons. Firstly, the institution provides an opportunity to work in diverse backgrounds and this would enhance my skills in working with different groups of people. Part of my career plan is to work globally and study and address different economic and social problems facing the world. Thus, I am confident that your institution would provide an appropriate opportunity to develop diverse skills in working across the globe.  I believe in honesty trust and success. Similarly, your institutions prioritize these values in its day to day practice. Therefore, I think the institution would provide an opportunity for me to achieve the greatest success as a social worker.

Working as an intern at the AmeriCorps created an opportunity to develop career-oriented experiences. Similarly, the ADL productions provided me with a chance to act as one of the assistant project managers. While working as the Hub director, I had an opportunity to create MI reports and to maintain department dashboards, besides I had a chance to analyze different business reporting.

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